We are humanistic designers. We place knowledge and context at the soul of the design activities for brands, lifestyles, and structures. We integrate global foresights about new meanings and models for better life to drive improved lifestyles.  We exploit links to consumers, social mobs, creative entrepreneurs, and markets to innovate “soulful structures”, and stylish experiences. And we infuse new technologies and sciences to improve brands leadership.


We Transport Designs
into New Heights

shenDesigns focus areas include:

  1. Brand design

  1. Lifestyle design

  1. Architecture design

We design brands. We brand designs.
We design lifestyles. We “life+style” designs.

We design structures. We structure designs.

We design transitional and subtractive brands, lifestyles, and structures. Our designs are social-led, context-driven — blending me and we; knowledge and technology, cultured and contemporary; and frugal and effective.

Brand Design. Be it the brand of a life-altering imagination city, an executive boardroom, a frugal product, or a fund, we design “brand beings”. 

We co-op with the voices of the client’s culture. The board, the consumers, the social mobs, and the partners. Follows, we craft the brand being — the soul. That is, to write the script, design the identity, storyboard the multimedia chapters to include logo, videos, brochures — then produce, and direct them.

People-focused Design Process

Be it an electric car; a frugal smart phone; a corporate identity; a community without traffic lights; or a multi-use washing machine, shenDesigns are guided through a design:innovation process.

We put the target entity, or segments of an emerging market, at the center of the design process — be it an individual or collective. Such entities become the co-creators, and the co-innovators of relevant humanistic designs.

Our promise is to provide clients with an impressive line-up of dreamers, drivers, and doers. Those remarkable knowledge conceptualists, illustrators, storytellers, anthropologists, technologists, and doers who can make ideals real. 

After 15 years, we are not only inspired by the need to improve the future state of our clients — and ours — it is our “social design responsibility”.

Lifestyle Design. Be it a visitor experiencing the cultural treasures of a tourism dome, or a family enjoying the freedom of a corniche, we “design lifestyles, and bring life+style to designs”.

We apply our social-led design skills to conduct creative mashups, open jams, and design debates with consumers. The outcome: open co-design of sensible lifestyle experiences for livable communities, irresistible products, and relevant services.

Architecture Design. Brand design and lifestyle design are symbiotically linked, and both contribute to  improved freedom, wellbeing, wellness, and profits.

Our experience architecture design team combine “brand design + lifestyle design” as the catalyst to innovate the most “soulful structures” worldwide.  As a result, we produce the soul, senses, and the body of humanistic structures, whether they are innovation cities, “knowledge tourism” theatres, mobile learning labs for rural areas, frugal eco stoves, or elitist floating villas. Outcomes include the sculptures, facades, lighting, colors, and experiences.

We work with anthropologists, planners, designers, and engineers to deliver open design solutions that are evolved through interactions with the target constituents.

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