We redefine the possible future. We partner with clients to envision new and better alternative futures. We plan for the “must-haves”, and the little “maybes”.  Be it creative or unusual; unpopular or trendy; mysterious or magical; green or blue; absurd or clever; aesthetic or unpleasant; natural or threatening… Yes, we help produce the next Aha!, that has the power to alter the way clients brand, design, manufacture, interact, live, and work. Count on it.

We advance leadership capacity. We team up with clients for internal leadership innovation programs. We are wired to share a new learning adventure: open-air and closed; dark and lit rooms; visual and static illustrations. Courses limited to a team of 20 people.

We Plan for the
“Wow!” and “Ouch!”

shenForesights focus areas include:

  1. Future scenario planning

  1. Strategy development 

  1. Knowledge-based branding

  1. Organizational structuring

  1. Innovation jams and mashups

  1. Risk probes and debates

Listening, Learning, and Leading. All consultants say they are unique.  So we would rather avoid the b.s. Frankly, we are not in the ‘binders business’. Those multi-page reports that are rarely implemented, but often serve as executive souvenirs, or boardroom displays.

We don’t dispatch fresh student graduates with fancy titles.  We don’t deliver stiff and stuffy lectures.  Instead, our clients are immersed in a process that facilitates listening, learning, and leading. The best way to know us, is to see what we see, and to experience how our deliverables are transforming the future state of products, services, and experiences.

Challenging Business As Usual. In recent years, executives awarded themselves hefty bonuses.  People lived beyond their means. Financial institutions were dangerously over-leveraged, and many nations were busy transforming their cities into capitals of hype.  Within a few months, corporations and regions experienced an economic depression: Damaged, some floundered in bankruptcy, while others forced their leaders to resign. One must wonder, what was the role of the world’s highly paid consultants, “canaries in the coal mine”?  Hmmm...

We act without fear.  We detect and push forward the realities even if it contradicts expectations. Our credo is to empower clients with the foresight and tools for positive transformations.  

We stand for a new, and better way of planning the future. We insist on extraordinary things. We set remarkable standards. We get things done.

Imagine the ideal collaboration culture to design strategies, transform brands, and activate new plans. An environment that is both engaging and productive. Happy and challenging. An exciting setting that puts people at the center of future products, services, and experiences. We have done it. Clients made it real...

We are an innovation knight. We vow to innovate a better future by exploring the trends, the patterns, the evidence, the innovations, the talent, and the connections – to prepare our clients for the road ahead.

People Matter, Places Don’t.  We are a creative engine for ‘turning on’ people, young and old, to engage in planning a better future. The diversity of the people we involve is the number 1 reason for our success. As far as places are concerned, we do it in all the right spaces – be it under the stairs of a corporate lounge; a candlelit cafe; a colorfully-matted outdoor space; interactive roundtables in the garden; or a visual innovation lab. Sometimes, we even risk doing it in regular boring boardrooms on an executive floor, to experience a change of pace. Now imagine... 

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