We are a connector. We link and activate innovative exchange programs, and new investment partnerships between the business, policy, and the knowledge community.

We are a conductor. We compose and orchestrate life-altering stories. Then cast them by a stunning symphony of the most innovative notes of our society — icons, mavericks, and geniuses. We immerse our audience in once-in-a-lifetime experience. From Stephan Hawking to Bill Ford; James Mulva to Vicente Fox; Peter Buffett to Vinton Cerf; Colin Powell to Marc Yu; Lubna Al Qassimi to Jan Chipchase; Paul Kagame to Carly Fiorina — the goal is common: unveil valuable insights to inspire a change of perspective.  A change that will forever alter the way you look at your business, your partnerships, your future, and the World. 

We Act as the

Relationship Maestro

shenConnections focus areas include:

  1. Events planning and design

  1. International relations

  1. Investment linkages   

  1. Online Innovation communities

  1. Corporate jams and mashups

World Summit on Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Architected to explore the growing needs to creating and spreading new innovations that transform mindsets, and change the economic, social, and environmental futures of our societies.  It represents an amazing reactor of the most innovative dreamers, drivers, and doers from across 60 developed, emerging, and developing nations.  It’s the only place to interact and engage with a frugal maverick, a guerrilla entrepreneur, a disruptive leader, and a persistent innovator – all in one space.

Be part of the next rumble, www.thewsie.org.

Future Capitals World Summit. Architected to explore the long-term impact of the economic crisis on the leadership and survival of many cities worldwide. The summit presents a unique stage to interact and network with government and technology leaders, investors and financiers, city mayors and planners, innovators and visionaries from over 50 nations.  All debating what makes a great future capital — those places that will attract the greater share of investment and development capital; human, cultural, and educational resources; and technological and ecological innovation over the coming decade.

Be part of the future capitals club, www.futurecapitals.org.

We weave the most riveting ideas and solutions from every area of thought, work, culture, and policy to inspire new and positive connections.

Sometimes, we produce “out-of-the-box” events that serve a higher purpose. Like when our program architects create and direct national events, then transition the ongoing-ops to start-ups.

We are a  conductor. We transition you out of comfort zone to play a part in a jaw-dropping and mind-boggling orchestra of ideas.

We are a  connector. We work smarter with multinationals to transition knowledge, innovations, investment, and employment opportunities to local business and culture.    

We detail the opportunities for doing business with emerging and minority communities.

We analyze the lasting impact of the most relevant connections on the client’s social innovation index, and financial competitiveness.

We create open innovation models for products, services, and experiences.

We empower cross-border relationships to promote the transfer of knowledge, skills, know-how, investment, and sourcing opportunities.

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