We curate experiences like no other. We put back innovation in theatres to empower our clients to win the ‘mind-share’ and ‘means-share’ of their constituents. We call them, Theatris - “theatres with i”, to stress the importance of innovation throughout the design process. Be it interactive walls that immerse consumers in new experiences; to concept centers to keep a careful watch on how new products are used; to gesture recognition systems to make cities more legible; to 3-D digital study clinics to improve imagination; and to visual boardrooms.

We celebrate innovators. We ignite people’s passion for innovation by celebrating the human potential, and the achievements of the world’s most innovative people in business, culture, design, energy, media, entertainment, technology, science, and the environment.

We Curate Relevant Theatrical Experiences

shenTheatres focus areas include:

  1. Concept centers

  1. Knowledge studios

  1. Visual boardrooms

  1. 3-D exhibits

  1. Innovation awards

  1. Media Documentaries

  1. World sports tournaments

Concept Centers. Transformative idea theatres that engage future co-innovators: young and old; single and married; connected and disconnected; patriots, loyalists, and fence-sitters. And to immerse them in striking co-creation process to capture visions of new + smarter luxury and frugal innovations.  Designed to profile consumer needs on smart drugs; low-cost phones; electro-cardiograms; energy efficient cars and fridges; encrypted ID devices; 4G wireless networks; and electronic vehicle infrastructure.

Knowledge Studios. Breath-taking “journeys” that communicate the interrelated acts and stories of human-being and urban-being; of entrepreneurial competence and innovation; of cultural interactions and open societies; of better cities and better life; and many more. All designed to produce positive memorable associations.

Visual Boardrooms. ”You can not manage what you can’t measure.”  Visual Rooms empower leaders with the knowledge they need to become more transparent, accountable, collaborative, and successful. State-of-the-art technology, digital multi-media content, and modern data visualization at its best.

3-D Exhibits. Striking visual, interactive, and 3-D displays for exhibitions, product launches, and future cities, to include, interactive walls, floors; 3D Kiosks; multi-touch tables; animated explorers; holographic screens; and many more.

We fuse our foresights, connections, and designs to put back innovation in business, design, society, and technology theatres.

We are committed to honoring those people whose contributions to the environment, humanities, business, governance, design, and science have produced the greatest value for the development of our societies.

You bet, we curate the big and the relevant.  Like when our producers direct eye-popping cultured, entertainment experiences. 

Our network of executive producers are the best in the world. They directed the most widely watched global experiences — be it the 2004 World Cup Soccer Opening Ceremony, the ABC Christmas Special, the 2006 Olympics Soccer Opening Ceremony, and the 2004 NASA SATS Theatre. 

Whether curating an opening for 85,000 fans; or 85 thoughts and policy leaders for a Heads of State dinner the show is always on!  

Never mind conventional exhibitions. We create an inventive union of art and design. Education and entertainment. Profit and purpose
We transform complex issues into smarter + theatrical experiences.

Foresights       Connections

Designs        Theatris

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